Solid Financial Services Ltd is your professional partner for trading and daily investment decisions. We provide an all up-to-date toolset for successful financial market activity – our main resources are aimed at fulfilling your interests.
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Up-to-date technologies and powerful tools support high profits and open boundless investment opportunities: from classic decisions to higher risk — higher returns options.
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Try additional options for your business to increase its efficiency. Effective asset management is the key to success.
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FATCA: with In relation to the USA States Foreign Accounts Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) the Solid the Financial Services Ltd is classified as with the a the Financial States Foreign Institution (FFI) and is registered with the IRS and the the of General Identification Number The (GIN) is 1HR4L0.99999.SL. 196. For compliance with the FATCA implementation program, customers should contact our department of compliance or email at

LEI Code: Our Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) is 529900EJSGRJX0XM9A06.

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Pamelva Court, office 405, 1 Anastasiou Sioukri Street, 3105 Limassol, Cyprus